it’s a great day

it’s a great day to be alive on this earth, in this realm, upon this plane, within this frame.
it’s a great day to be sitting here or there, recording information that will be accessed from a non-location.
it’s a great day to take a survey, a pulse or temperature check of the nation, and see how many happy people are here with us.

how many of you share our hopes and fears with us?
how many of you share our definition of humanity?
how many of you accept our truth as pure reality?
how many of you have left the land of insanity
to a new territory, where you are now accepted and toasted and feted?

it’s a great day to know nothing and believe everything.
this will be the year santa comes for the first time since we stopped believing in him, because we believe in santa claus again.
it’s a great day to experience the human condition, whether you are sitting in the white house or sitting in prison.
billions have benefited from our previous system,
but now a new generation arises who needs new surprises so let’s reject all those wonderful things that our system brought us,
like education for everyone and vaccinations.
while we are at it, let’s make the earth flat again, and propose that the sun spins around it like a clock,
and antarctica is an ice shelf on the outer perimeter of our flat world.

there is no end to how we could reject reality,
and retreat into cloistered communities that choose to accept certain tenets of truth,
and produce massive reams of literature on ancient aliens living under the earth’s crust,
or speak with authority about how we will all vibrate to a higher frequency in this coming century.

don’t you who scream facts, science, data, evidence and rationality get it yet?
such means of establishing a common set of universal truths upon which all of neurotypical humanity can stand is now defunct.
it isn’t worth your time to paste and post more links from thinkers onto our discussion boards.
don’t bother sharing photos and videos demonstrating basic principles of gravity or showing mathematically why our physics isn’t physics.
we have our own facts and links and thinkers, our own youtube videos and creativity which trumps any laws of gravity.

this is not the dark age of human reason, the death of enlightenment or the moment when the lights all go out and we retreat into our caves.
no, this is a time for when all manner of truths, beliefs, thoughts, words, speculations, hopes and fears can become as real as any others of their kind.
it’s a time when the light is shining so bright that a house plated with tinfoil is just as lovely as one covered in gold.
and the heads of both of these houses are just as worthy and deserving of getting to be crowned our king and handed our beloved, sacred nuclear codes.

it is a great day, indeed.

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