I think what you have to ask yourself

I think what you have to ask yourself is: if you had to choose between:

having this country run entirely by non-whites, but the ideals of our founding fathers were held up in an exemplary fashion;


having this country run entirely by whites, but the government was a cross between a Nazi, Communist and monarchical government–

which would you choose?

I think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to ask themselves this. I think Trump supporters everywhere need to ask themselves this. I think we are in the process of getting our answer from these people, whether they want to seriously ask themselves this question or not.

It is no longer a matter of “waiting to see what happens” or “the Clintons and Obama did this, too.” You are watching our system of checks and balances get shredded for good, and you are either okay with or you aren’t. You are watching a maniac making himself King, and watching him take measures that no other President has dared to take. The ones who came before him have regrettably set a precedent for this behavior, but the people who control Congress are the ones who are enabling it. They seem to think that in the end this deal with the devil won’t hurt too much and will leave them mostly in a good place.

It is unfortunately still framed too much in a partisan narrative. It is bizarre that so many NWO conspiracy theorists believe that Trump is their man to prevent the NWO government from arriving. An elite lines his cabinet with elites and behaves like a king, but he is ultimately doing this for the good of the republic. It is unfortunate that too many NWO conspiracy theorists were at the end of the day far-right individuals who were every bit as hyper-partisan as the rest of us–folks like McCain, Bush, Romney, etc. simply weren’t far right enough for them.

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