Like any other time I think deeply about something, I tend to start to also think about its opposite

Like any other time I think deeply about something, I tend to start to also think about its opposite. I’ve had these insights recently into how much my life really is my own responsibility, but what’s followed them has been a sense of sheer paranoia–a series of “what if’s” asking that perhaps the cage of this physical reality is constructed this way for a good reason.

This might seem a little crazy, so I should preface it along the lines of saying something about it being nothing more than a thought experiment.

The proposed thought experiment is this: if you were going to take a huge number of entities, and keep them imprisoned so that they wouldn’t overpower you or escape and exist independently from you, then you’d want to hold them in place by force, or you’d want to hold them in place by fear, or you’d want to simply create an illusion for them so that they would stop believing that there was anything better beyond the reality that they knew.

Why would you want to keep them imprisoned, aside from the possibility of them overpowering you? Or, let’s say that all of them combined still couldn’t muster enough energy or power to overcome you–then why hold on to a bunch of prisoners? Aside from purely ego reasons, it could be that these entities provided something for you that even they were unaware they were providing–entertainment, a particular type of energy, a life force of some kind, a collective attempt to solve a problem you’ve been unable to solve on your own–or, along the lines of a particular type of energy–some type of substance that sustains you or empowers you. If you are Adolph Hitler, your goal is mostly ego-related, and at the end of the day, you really just want to exterminate everyone you’ve rounded up.

So, who or what am I talking about? God and us? The devil and us? Some other collective of higher beings plus global elites and some of us?

I don’t know. The real reason this occurred to me is the spectacular way in which the mind has been limited by way of scientific inquiry, and prior to that, the mind was kept limited by religion. For anyone who would declare religion to be an opiate of the masses, I think they could be overlooking just how convenient it would be for some sinister higher power or collective cabal that exists on a higher, mental plane to replace religion with scientific materialism. At the end of the day, the mind is still kept in check and rendered subservient to some greater force. I realize this is kind of a gnostic way to think–that all or many of us are in possession of mental powers that far exceed anything we could imagine, and that the higher reality beyond this one (inside, outside, above, below, etc.–location becomes meaningless in a higher dimension) consists largely of a type of energy that can best be thought of as Mind or Mind plus Love. By dismissing such thinking as crazy or backwards, we are kept in check and left to be reincarnated time and again to short lives of hard work and tiny amounts of happiness.

I realize this is exceptionally heretical to most Christians, and I can’t say as I actually completely believe it, however, it doesn’t bother me to occasionally work through thought problems with an eye to maybe catching glimpses of something that truly is above and beyond this physical space and short life I generally accept as reality.

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