too much mind is crazy

too much mind is crazy–
this is one thing they say.
your focus becomes hazy,
you can’t tell work from play.

but you know what they really mean…
yes, you read between the lines.
the ones who have everything,
are the ones who mind their minds.

religion is an opiate, but
materialism is a prison.
the gnostics knew a thing or two
and so did you
back when you knew your mission.

too much heart is lazy–
it’s another thing of theirs.
“do something to amaze me,
but don’t show me that you care.”

you think this is obscene–
this obsession with a part
you’re supposed to play that brings
more depression to your heart.

money is nothing but the root
of all future evil systems.
the christians cribbed a truth or three
and so did we
back when we cared to listen.

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