The dream I had last night started with me looking through blinds

The dream I had last night started with me looking through blinds like the blinds in the windows of my apartment and seeing a man who looked just like me on the other side of the window. It was as if I were talking to him in a prison visit setting. He was telling me that they were getting ready to start laundering now, and I thought he meant money laundering, but he said, no of course not. However, in the next sequence of the dream, I was helping people make really bad counterfeit money. I would photocopy each individual side of a Monopoly money bill, and then cut the copies out and paste them back together. I thought it was a terrible effort in the dream, but the crooks I was helping said, no, this is great, it will be able to fool whatever machine they were trying to fool with this money. The thing was, they needed like a million of these bills made, and I was just getting started.

The dream cut to a scene outside some kind of ski lodge or cabin where people had gathered. Someone inside had just been shot to death. I approached a woman who said she was with the insurance company and was there to investigate and file her report for insurance purposes. I went inside the cabin and discovered a woman’s body lying on a bed. It turned out that I was the woman, and had been floating around outside her body trying to get back in. Finally, I cried out, “Lord God, please infuse me with this body astrally, Amen!” And, I was able to get back inside the body, and when I came out of the cabin, I’m not sure if I was still the woman or myself again, but I started seeing people I knew in real life who didn’t believe in God, and started yelling at them: “See, this proves that there really is a God in heaven, praise His Name!” I especially noticed my Uncle J, who died several years ago, and started to really let him know that God was real. He seemed unmoved by my assertions.

At that point, my son woke me up, as he was mad because he’d overflowed his diaper.

I went back to sleep and had some other dreams that I don’t remember.

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