wake up

wake up. the time to wake up is now. there is no other time than this time. there are no other days than just this day, today. the time has come to stop the self. the self doesn’t know anything. the self needs everything and never gives back a damn thing. the self is born and dies in poverty.

the self is in a cage and wants to be free. outside it sees people in 3D. inside it sees a dripping black watercolor with the occasional patch of gray or white. the black watercolor paint is endlessly dripping on this shallow 2D canvas trying to describe the moments the self almost broke free.

is being nothing more than a series of prisons, endless choices you make to discover new masters who will gladly take your money and then bend you over, and then ask you for more?

I see you down there, trying to reconstruct an old copy of a deconstructed self.

I see you fighting to maintain control over the precisely administered feelings. You take your pain and pleasure in measured doses, and you think that’s the way to enlightenment. It is time to imagine a space outside of yourself, where you are not.

Imagine a space where you are not permitted to go, and so the only way to get there is to become something or someone other than yourself.

Inside this freedom you suddenly find out how a whole new host of entities want to keep you captive.

If words ever could mean anything at all other than a series of impressions in the brain, then now is the time to resurrect some words and make them mean something, do something. Offer a blessing or two for the people who are hard at work doing real work. Offer a prayer for enlightenment and illumination to come over all the souls who are marching toward the darkness without a second thought.

Make your mind and your words blend together and then connect with the sun, so that you might shine upon this earth for a few more centuries past the one in which you’ll die.

Envision ways in which the Creator has sprung forth Creation, and can continue to create as long as He pleases. The Creator needn’t be anyone in particular, as you might have guessed, He probably isn’t very much a He, but is he or she a committee?

Why most we always think of the Destroyer when we think of the Creator–one who would annhilate everything in sight that is held up by Providence? Why must we think that the Creator possibly would be the very same One who would destroy us–or leave us for eternity in a perpetual state of destruction?

Every single state that I can imagine myself falling into is hardly enough to save me from falling into a state of perpetual amnesia, where I can’t remember what it was I did or said the day before.
Every word that I put forth might be but a sad gasp of lame wheezing, an inauthentic attempt to stay awake, stay alive.

Every breath that I consider taking place from my figure is a precious gem. The next breath and the next one are great gifts. Should I be imagining only the best to come, and putting first the dreams and hopes of others–letting all of their lives play out in my head as magnificent and grand lives of utter beauty and truth? Would simple prayers like mine for the souls of others be enough to change the courses of all of their existences?

I believe that these prayers might be a starting point for something grander–a real project of projected consciousness upon the earth. If my love can’t completely shine forth like I would like it to, then that’s okay, at least I’ve begun to change the course of the selfish stream that has been constantly flowing upward into my overly magnified and pumped up pride.

The beginning of the new kingdom will not take place anywhere near Washington D.C.

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