I also had a dream last week about Jennifer Aniston

I also had a dream last week about Jennifer Aniston. I haven’t written it down yet, simply because I don’t get as excited about my dreams as I used to–but, I do seem to remember more dreams when I write them down. The dream consisted of me being her “best guy friend”–one of those male friend types pretty women have who know their place and know they will never be more than friends. I’ve been a best guy friend many times over during my single days, so the situation presented in the dream could have been with any number of individuals–why Jennifer Aniston, who knows?

Anyway, she was telling me about the man that she was certain was the love of her life. Apparently, she’d met him briefly once while eating at Applebee’s when she was in the seventh grade. He’d come in singing some kind of weird strong that had resonated deeply with her. He was probably about 17 or 18 at the time. According to the dream Aniston had gone to my high school, but had been eating at an Applebee’s in North KC when the encounter took place. My first suggestion, for some reason, was to look inside the yearbook from when she was in the 7th grade, in case he had gone to the same school as she did. There was a picture of her sunbathing topless in the yearbook, and in the dream, I knew this was inappropriate, but I was afraid that I would lose my friendship with her if I told her that I thought so. Indeed, she seemed to think it was perfectly fine and the mark of being cultured and progressive for a girl in the 7th grade to have her topless picture in a high school yearbook.

When we realized that this mystery man probably hadn’t gone to the same school as she did, we decided to start knocking on the doors of the apartments in the area around the Applebee’s. We stopped a man and asked him what the name of the area was. I was pretty sure from having grown up in the area that it was Gladstone, and that a KC suburb called Grandview was down south, but this man laughed derisively at my ignorance and corrected me–though I was correct in the dream about where these places are in real life. The dream ended with Aniston and I knocking on doors and talking to folks who remembered her mystery man, but no one knew what had happened to him.

I don’t even want to begin to parse out this dream. There are many obvious ways it could be interpreted. The most salient point of the dream was the fact that this somewhat weaker version of myself that was more like how I was ten years ago was a guy who was willing to accept things that were clearly wrong both morally and factually in order not to rock the boat or offend the pretty woman who was paying attention to me, albeit in a very manipulative sort of way. I don’t doubt that my subconscious was trying to tell me that some of these negative character traits still exist inside of me today.

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