Jotting down a quick dream from last night

Jotting down a quick dream from last night. I was charged with putting together a puzzle, and was close to finishing it. In the dream, completion of the puzzle had more meaning and importance than simply being a rewarding hobby. The puzzle had very few pieces left, and none of the remaining pieces seemed to fit the puzzle. What’s more, there was a huge section of the puzzle off to the side that had also been completed, but almost none of it could fit the gaps in the main puzze. I was able to find a few pieces from the separate puzzle and fit them in, but that was it. I finally gave up in frustration–there simply weren’t enough correct puzzle pieces remaining to complete the puzzle.

Of course, it seemed like a metaphor for life or a certain time in my life. The separate mass of puzzle pieces seemed to represent an alternate story that could be/could have been told about my life, but simply couldn’t fit the existing life timeline at this point. My ever-pervasive sense that my life might be much closer to being over than I would hope is something that contributes to these kinds of dreams. I must get the puzzle finished, but time is running out, and I keep picking up and putting down pieces that don’t quite fit the main life story.

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