What will that day be like, the day that I stop believing

What will that day be like, the day that I stop believing? I might believe in some form of Christianity, but I will no longer believe that the end of the world will look like it does in the Left Behind series of books. I will no longer believe that God punishes people for eternity, because I won’t really believe that God cares that much for us. Reincarnation might become my thing again, but maybe not. If reincarnation was a thing, then wouldn’t most people want to be reborn as someone very wealthy? Why would the world look like it does if so many people are deciding when and where they get to come back?

What would it look like to believe that I don’t have control over anything at all, or what might it look like to believe that I have complete and utter control over everything, and that this universe is actually just a manifestation of my own particular self-willed amnesia and finitude? What would it look like to stop taking anyone at all that seriously–to see every last ill of this world as some kind of silly, meaningless joke? To see the worst suffering of humanity as nothing more than a farcical event in a play in which all will be revealed to be nothing more than silly, good fun? Or, what would it look like to take every last breath and action with deadly seriousness–that even a momentary lapse of concern for the welfare of the universe results in sending yet another soul into some kind of hell, if not an eternal one?

Who wouldn’t want to wake up each morning inside another body–sometimes living gloriously, sometimes suffering abominably? Who wouldn’t want to discover that being human isn’t really the most wonderful thing you could be–that in another universe on another planet being some other species is so much grander and exquisite? Why shouldn’t I suddenly want to be acutely alert and awake to the point where I can’t sleep and I am seeing things?

The world can’t be taken too seriously when a man like Donald Trump is elected President. All of the sanctimonious belief in the Founding Fathers knowing everything there ever was to know about good governance is now gone. They never would have seen a man like Trump becoming President in a million years. Or, they would be chiding us roundly for not using our latest understandings about political science to make a much better form of government than they ever could have dreamed of. That kind of religious mania that people possess over the notion that the Founding Fathers had the last word on good government can now be dispelled forever as we witness this buffoon-dictator taking office and destroying the last vestiges of this once great nation in order to serve his petty selfish and familial interests.

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