If I ever come back

If I ever come back, I want to come back as a male who is completely and without question bound for the monastery. This world, and all that it promises and fails to deliver, has shown me its full hand. Why no one else can see what I see, I don’t know. The very best you can hope to be in a worldly sense of the world is always someone or something one dimensional, shallow, hollow, empty.

The promise that the world will take care of me and my family, that it will provide, is an understood promise that was never given, but always expected to be accepted without question. Of course, any day, all day, you will be able to find recourse to justice and protection in the rule of law, and you will be able to obtain the best possible health care when you and yours are sick.

The services rendered come with an enormous bill. You must either pretend that you believe your country is the greatest country ever created and ever will be created, or show unquestioning faith in the god of science. Or both. If you can’t perform either function, then you better have deep pockets. A poor man who no longer believes his country is the end all be all and no longer believes that science will solve all of the problems of the world is a man without a place to rest his head. Even those in his church will look at him askance when he declares that he can only ultimately depend on the Lord.

I am not blessed with prophetic vision yet, but I can catch glimpses of the end of our civilization. Science won’t save us from ourselves. More money spent on the military in the name of patriotism won’t save us. More money spent to make more money won’t save us. It won’t even save Donald Trump, though he may seem to be safe and secure for a while while we suffer.

Did we think that we could be the kind of civilization that we’ve been and not suffer the consequences?

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