This week has made me literally sick

This week has made me literally sick. The uneasy fear that I am about to step into a world where the wrong decision will see me lose my head or lose my soul is a fear that will be with me now for years to come. For the past few weeks, I was caught up in my personal issues around whether I even wanted to bother becoming an ordained minister. I was bothered by things that seem to be mostly non-starters now.

Trump reminds me of the leader of the people in Las Vegas in the book The Stand. The Walkin’ Dude. Only, he’s not out in Vegas while we are on the other side of the Rocky Mountains. He’s in Washington, and we are sitting in his crosshairs whether we like it or not. Is Trump the Antichrist? Quite possibly. There haven’t been any other Presidential candidates who have come close. And now, he is going to be the President.

Maybe he won’t be so bad as the Antichrist, perhaps just another Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin. Maybe he won’t be quite that bad, but just be like Berlusconi, or perhaps a run-of-the-mill bad guy dictator who declares martial law, makes the U.S. his little fiefdom, and drains all of the natural resources to benefit his children and his friends.

Would running off to New Zealand do us any good? Only in a limited scenario where Trump is as bad as Hitler, and somehow the global economy manages to be a certain way that enables me to continue living and working in New Zealand with my family. Almost any other scenario would either see NZ not being enough, or overkill as a response to the Trump presidency.

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