The people you think will be the ones to bring you peace and love

The people you think will be the ones to bring you peace and love can often end up being the ones who confound you and ignore you. If you step into a new group dynamic, and everyone says “he or she is the great one to know,” then you should beware. That individual is probably the loudest, most artificial persona, and what’s more, they have been lying to the world for so long that they can’t even see their own falseness. Don’t think for a minute that just because they hold the same beliefs and political views as you do that they will resonate and connect with you in deeply meaningful ways.

The essential problem is that most people have completely forgotten what it even means to be a deep person, to care about something more than their images. All who are able to develop a cult following of sorts will do exactly that. Everyone wants admirers. If you are someone who has even one person in your life who feels as if they have to be less than human, less than themselves, to connect with you in a positive way, then you have crossed the line from being human to being a pretend demigod, and you will either leap back quickly in disgust, or embrace your fake demigod status, and seek out many more humans to worship you in some fashion.

The world wasn’t made for those who would avoid anything approaching leadership that turns them into demigods. Most would-be leaders accept their demi-god statuses as a matter of course, a part and parcel of being a leader. Dance around these individuals carefully. They have built their false essences upon a house of sand, and won’t even know themselves when their houses collapse.

Even the most innocuous and righteous-seeming truths of the day should be approached at arm’s length. Don’t just assume that anyone is virtuous because your generation has come to agree in the majority that theirs is a virtue.

All who hold any semblance of power today over others will be dethroned. Always make sure that you are not holding power in the sense of having others feel like they need to be less than human when they approach you. Almost everyone will have to tell another human being what to do at some point in their lives. If you escape this, you may be an angel or you may have been the man who hid his talents. But, being put into a position of authority doesn’t mean and shouldn’t mean that you feel compelled to cause another human being to be less than human for the sake of obeying you. Again, you have crossed the demigod line, and you are either a good enough person to know to get back on the other side of the line, or you will be incapable of seeking more and more power and dominion over others.

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