Starting over

Starting over
Assume nothing about what God wants of me.
Seminary is the right place, right time, but is ordination in my present denomination?
Catholic Church still has a pull.
Academic life still has a pull. Biblical Archaeology, History, etc.
Starting my own church has a pull–a simple church of Bible study, praise and worship, prayer. Money is pooled to help the poor, rent the facilities, I take only 5% of congregation’s tithes.

Simplicity is the quest. Community is the quest.
Live the simple life, but don’t bring undue hardships upon the family.
Find a community of believers where you feel loved and needed (not in a co-dependent sort of way, but needed as in, we are struggling and need someone like you with your X skillset, talents, etc. to come and help us.)

If I can’t find that community, then I build one.

If I can’t get the new member time period waved by the committee for ordination (or they don’t even bother to respond to me at all), then it is time to put the psych eval. on hold and find a new church, new approach.

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