The breakdown of civilization

Trump means that the breakdown of civilization is happening faster than I’d hoped. Okay, so we survived Y2K and 2012 without anything significant happening that would indicate there can’t be at least another 100 years of American civilization being more or less like it has been. But, Trump opens up all of the doors again: pollution in the oceans of plastics, global warming, the US economy becoming inferior to China’s, tipping points everywhere…no, Trump isn’t responsible for any of this–he is a very vocal canary in the coalmine. We don’t have as much time left as we thought we did. So, why bother having children?

This is where faith kicks in. The faith walk has led me here, to this place, with A and L at seminary. It didn’t lead me to a monastery, though I am not always 100% certain it wasn’t supposed to. But, L is the significant counterweight to Trump. L, the existence of him, tells me that Evil hasn’t conquered Good to the point where a good future isn’t possible. L is proof of God at work, Trump is proof of the Devil at work. Who will win? Is this a precursor to a very near, ultimate showdown, or just another blip on the radar–perhaps we will have to suffer as much as Europe and Russia did in the 30s and 40s, but the Earth will yield forth a new set of Superpowers, and Christianity will not die–it simply will no longer see America holding the torch for it.

Should I pray for Trump? Jesus thinks so, at least in my understanding of what Jesus thinks.

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