Simplicity. I don’t want this to be so complicated. The process isn’t streamlined enough for me. Will I inevitably seek out some other denomination?

I miss the feeling of community and home. I have been looking for it ever since we moved to Missouri, and my mom chose to go to church in a town twenty miles away.

I don’t care where I live or what my neighbors look like or who they worship or don’t worship. But, I desperately wish I could find that place that feels like home and be there for the rest of my life.

It’s funny how we are presented with two opposite visions of what being a Christian looks like — Jesus, the Son of Man, has no place to rest his head. But the rootless, shiftless who are like chaff and plant their homes on sand, are to be condemned for the fire.

Like anything else, dropping roots can be done inordinately–you narrow your worldview and stop thinking of anyone except those immediately around you. You cling excessively to things of this world, instead of looking forward to your home in the next life. But, being restless spiritually and physically can ultimately lead you to a nowhere kind of life. You never really believe anything, stand for anything, care about anything, and end up being a nobody and nothing.

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