The idea that humanity would be better off

The idea that humanity would be better off if we all cooperated with each other. What’s weird is that there are at least two times in the Bible where this appears to be a very bad thing — the Babylonians are all working together to build a tower to reach God, and the people in the end times come together as one world with one language. And yet, the concepts of Christianity and Judaism depend upon communal worship and fellowship. Christianity especially is intended to be share among all of the nations.

If we presuppose that there are higher dimensions than the ones we access via our senses, we should be able to conceive that it’s possible for there to be one or many godlike figures who could wipe us all out with the flick of a cosmic wrist. Our very being here in this realm is predicated upon God remaining pleased with us. We would tend to think that God would want us fighting less and loving Him and each other more, based on the most important commandment, but we could also suppose that God could become pretty jealous, or simply stop caring about us, if we came to the conclusion that we could get by just fine forever in this universe without any interaction with God.

All of this is mostly just me trying to figure out how should be spending my time, once I leave seminary. Should I be primarily focused on my church and taking care of the flock, or see my local and global communities as being equally important?

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