My perception of the class of individuals

My perception of the class of individuals that are joining me at seminary this year–there is someone who is more X than me in just about every way. There are people who are more virtuous, mainstream, caught up in my denomination, fringe, weird, left, right, smart, dumb, angry, happy, white, black, old, young, male, female, etc. than I am. I will clearly not be a standout in any way, and this is probably a good thing. I can go about taking my classes, doing the work, getting the ordination, all in straightforward manner without feeling any sort of competition or egos attempting to “steal” something from me. In fact, by and large, it seemed like the only lifelong members of my denomination were a few women, and I really couldn’t tell if anyone was seriously considering becoming a pastor or not, at least in my denomination.

A lot of people seemed to be hung up on various issues of their own, and rather emotionally and possibly mentally unstable for a rigorous master’s program that this one purports to be. Maybe it isn’t so rigorous, or some of these younger individuals simply have a routine down pat for getting through classes as professional students and postponing indefinitely when they will have to actually have to be out in the “real” world doing professional things and being responsible adults.

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