We didn’t have a good war to fight

We didn’t have a good war to fight.
We were told to go back to carrying on with our lives,
Fight the terrorists by shopping, working, living as we did before the towers fell.
Then we were told nothing would ever be the same again.

I wanted to fight in a war, but I wanted a truly righteous war.
I wanted the good guys to be clearly defined, and the evil ones the same.
But, I was twenty-five, and could see that nothing was so clear,
No matter how badly Mr. Bush wanted it to be so.

I wasn’t such a good guy by then, either,
And I couldn’t bring myself to believe that fighting potentially evil men, possibly evil men, probably evil men, etc.
Would suddenly turn me into a very good guy.
But then, how could I have known the future,
Where indeed, many men with tales to tell of bravery
Who probably left our shores carrying with them a mixture of good and evil
Came back completely good, unquestionably good, undoubtedly good.
Only a seriously edgy, fringey, diehard, dedicated lefty would dare call them evil now.

Of course, only God is good, even Jesus said so.
If only God is good, then of course, we are all evil–if just a tad bit so.
If we are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and we know God is the Almighty,
Then why do we need soldiers to protect us?
If the terrorists come to kill us and our families, so be it, no?

Of course, this is juvenile thinking, nobody thinks like this, men of faith have blessed millions of soldiers to go and defend the faith since Constantine.

Jesus has stood by, waiting, watching. Jesus watched men carrying his cross across the Atlantic, and murdering millions of so-called savages.

Jesus watched men re-cross the Atlantic to take other so-called savages from their families to be enslaved under so-called Christian owners.

Jesus watches as so-called Christian men and women live mostly happy lives, oblivious to the suffering of the rest of the world around them, except perhaps when said Christians feel a pang of guilt and pull out a checkbook or feel a hankering for adventure and pay to travel abroad and play missionary for a year or two.

The good war to fight begins with you.
If you haven’t conquered your inner demons…yes, it sounds terribly cliched.

So, you must be honest with yourself–have you killed all wrath, envy, lust, vainglory, sloth, avarice, pride, etc.?

Can you find yourself comfortable helping a neighbor in need, or visiting someone who smells funny? Are you comfortable around children, youth, young adults, middle-age people, old people? Are you at ease with soldiers returned from the last war we fought overseas, and able to converse with men and women of various gender identities, sexual orientations, etc.?

Chances are, you aren’t. You aren’t ready to fight the good war, the real war, the war that Jesus started.

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