The attitude has to change…

The attitude has to change…

Smile when you see others. Smile when you think about your face. Smile any time at all that you remember to consider what might be flashing across your face.

Expect that others usually have the best intentions, or more likely aren’t paying attention. Resolve to never think the worst of anyone, no matter how ugly their behavior appears to be.

Remain open and flowing outward. Your natural reaction is to crumple, and move inward, as if to protect yourself. Think of water flowing out of a tap with high pressure–it can’t be contaminated if the outward flow is coming at a high enough pressure.

Constantly return to focus on God. Yes, you can flow outward with your personality and your love and self, even as you focus your Self and attention on God. God will provide you with the best answers for how to handle the situation. Cutting God off and trying to resolve a situation based on your own will, memory, opinion, knowhow is guaranteed to get you mixed, mostly poor results.

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