A darkness coming upon the land

A darkness coming upon the land. The people who are removed from the land by so many generations. The people who have been removed from any sense of spirit, soul, humanity. You are one of them. You don’t have to be, though.

Begin writing about the Old Testament and how it corresponds to the end of days.

Was there good and evil before the fall of the angels, before Lucifer became the dark angel he is? Did the fall of Lucifer take place before the Garden of Eden and Mankind? If so, then, what was God’s plan, all along?

There is certainly great evil upon the earth. We read about it every day in the news. The forces that people are unleashing are ones they don’t even know, or believe in. Yet, we don’t really see much in the way of evil in our everyday lives. If there are lovers of evil walking about the streets among us, they keep mostly to themselves.

The great evil of our time is our love of mammon, and maybe it has always been this way. But, we now seem to be inordinately in love with mammon. There are a few who revel in it, but there are many others who love to egg them on and watch them from much humbler surroundings.

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