The brain has been trained to seek out problems

The brain has been trained to seek out problems and attempt to solve them. This is the wheel for the hamster, the monkeybrain that won’t quit and let God take over.

The difference between someone who is working for God and someone who is working for the praise of others may not be recognizable to anyone but God. Therefore, it’s best not to criticize others too much, until it is abundantly clear where their intentions lie. Even then, it’s probably better to just steer clear of them as much as possible.

Sometimes, a person working for God will be lavished with praise from humans, and it may seem as if human glory was their goal all along. Another person working alone and in the dark may be vainly hoping one day to be recognized by humans for their work, and not care the least about what God wants. A post mortem discovery of their work might lead one to believe that God was calling the shots with that person because things worked out for them in the long run–they achieved the “immortality” among other humans they so desperately sought. But, any sort of recognition by other human beings, be it the kind Justin Bieber gets or the kind Kafka received, shouldn’t necessarily lead one to think that someone was doing what God wanted.

No person is completely immune from the tickle the ego feels when it is validated by even the faintest of praise. A person completely connected with God and totally working for Him–that person only existed once on this earth–any others who could be similarly described are up in Heaven.

Most of the problems that the brain tries to solve are ones designed to maximize the glory one will receive from other human beings. The very act of giving one’s problems over to God means that you will have to stop trying to solve problems in vain hopes of being glorified by human beings. Your brain, once it is properly reconditioned and re-oriented, will be less inclined to create or look for new problems to solve, and the new problems life presents you will be worked through in a right kind of flow that sees God helping you in more ways than which you will likely ever know or give Him credit.

If you knew ahead of time all of the problems you were going to have to face in the years to come, you would likely set about creating a strategy to avoid them as much as possible. You would dig even deeper into your cave of being isolated from the world, and lurk about the openings making furtive glances, pleading for God to take you away as soon as possible. Even death would become a thing from which you to try to hide yourself away.

The embrace of a pain-free, antiseptic reality is the goal of someone who no longer wishes to be a human being or know humanity. Such a person desires complete escape from things that cause pain and sorrow to such an extent that they would even accept a pain-free reality on the condition that they were the only one who gets to be pain-free while the rest of the human race perpetually suffered.

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