The verses this week about Jesus being a sword and divider of families.

The verses this week about Jesus being a sword and divider of families.

The analogy between the complacency of Jesus’ time and ours.

Also, the metaphor of the improperly set broken bone that needs to be re-broken and re-set by a competent doctor.

We should also always be mindful that the final ordering of humanity under Jesus the King could look very different than any traditional models of human organization. Even during our own lifetimes, we change our roles as children and parents as we get older and become more mature and responsible, and then return to the care of others (or at least are freed of the degree of responsibility we had has parents).

As children, we may have looked to our parents to offer the best input on how to live in this world. Then, we asserted our independance. Then, we found ourselves struggling with going it alone, but our parents no longer offered the input we needed at least in the form of a complete package. Even our parents’ form of Christianity may have fallen short of what we need as adults when we think about having a relationship with Christ. As such, if we become more inclined to seek Jesus and the movement of the Spirit first, we can avoid becoming trapped in human visions and constructs of what the church family should look like. However, it still behooves us to seek out fellowship with like-minded seekers and believers, and so our ordering of relationships with each other becomes one where the source of power rests entirely upon God, but the new bonds that have formed represent the healing and re-ordering that takes place following the presence of the “sword” that Jesus has brought into the world.

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