The soft life

There is going to come a time when you will have to do a difficult thing in order to advance. Not a thing that is hard just for you, but hard for any human being to do. The soft life will fall away. You don’t want to continue living the soft life, anyway. You might have to forego sleep some nights. Your family may not be able to see you and spend time with you as much as they would like to. You may have to relocate your family to a place that is clearly part and parcel of poverty.

But, the biggest change you have to make starts with you.

If you can’t begin to think about staying up a little later and getting up a little earlier, then how are you going to cope with people who need you in the middle of the night?

If you can’t begin to focus every day on becoming more righteous, and stop living to keep your flesh happy, then you will end up living a normal, average life instead of a great one.

Why are you seeking the gratification of your flesh even still today? I am not talking about sexual things, though that might be somewhat a part of it. I am talking about your own sense of well-being that must come from attempting to regrow your hair, and your need for extras at the grocery store, and creature comforts you could probably do without, and cheap and easy entertainment when you should be focused on the Bible.

It’s like you’ve shifted some of your past excesses into more socially acceptable ones, but you are nowhere near being the kind of man who would survive in a monastery, or even an intentional community seeking to live with less.

You no longer care the least bit about what other people think, and yet, you somehow manage to invent people who don’t even exist who might one day care about whether or not you have a lot of hair or a little, gray hair or not, etc.

You like to seek out old scabs and scars in the back of your mind and pick them open, and look for new ways to be offended by people around you. You desperately want Donald Trump to win, whether you can admit it or not, just so that you have much to complain about, and true hardships to face, burdens to bear. You have no idea how terrible such a presidency would be.

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