The Crossings

I seem to have remembered reading about The Crossings being sold shortly after the last translation company retreat. It is now apparently an over-priced luxury spa with a hint of the Texas dude ranch plus the obligatory mixology lessons. The Crossings served cafeteria food and you could buy overpriced Heinekens from the gift shop. I didn’t mind the lack of A/C in the rooms, but the lack of booze was kind of limiting for a bunch of people on a corporate retreat. The fact that it was unable to sustain itself doesn’t especially surprise me–it tried to be somewhat upscale and luxury but also hippie and backwoodsy at the same time, sometimes in the worst sort of way.

But, I do think the world needs more Crossings type retreat places and fewer luxury spas. The retreat places don’t have to be even half as upscale as The Crossings tried to be, but they should try to scale back on the worldly amenities–you can’t properly retreat spiritually from material things if you are gorging yourself on even more material things to the point of decadence and excess. Yes, we have campgrounds and church retreats, but we don’t have enough places where people of many different backgrounds could go and take classes from different teachers of all wisdom traditions.

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