I should work to have my possessions reduced even more while I am down at seminary.

Books can become limited to only those related to the calling. Even the Christian/Bible history books not used during seminary should be culled and donated to others.

The barbecue grill can be left there. Kitchen gadgets–beer making equipment and pasta maker–these should probably go to good homes if I find I have no time to use these.

Clothes should be reduced to a minimum number of outfits needed for school, work and play. Two nice suits for preaching/chaplaincy/interviewing/etc. Five button down shirts, five polo shirts, three pairs of khaki pants, one pair of navy blue trousers, one pair black. Three khaki shorts, five t-shirts, three pairs running shorts, three pairs warm-up pants, two sweatshirts, five pairs underwear and socks.

Painting stuff–again, if I am not doing anything with it, I am going to get rid of all of it and sell the easel.

Stuff should constantly be culled, and very little should be added to it. I am getting by pretty well without most of this stuff being out–most of it is in boxes, and I haven’t needed any of it.

I am tired of clinging to things as if a new thing purchased, a new vacation on the verge of being started, or some other expenditure will bring me the joy I’ve been searching for.

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