I guess the main questions that keep running around in my head are these:

I guess the main questions that keep running around in my head are these:
How can we live in a world like this, where there is also a perfect, all-loving, all-knowing, almighty God, while potentially be damned to hell for eternity for very little, unless there is this time, that Time and reincarnation?
If there is reincarnation, then why can’t I remember a damn thing about my past life?

Let me be clear, I touched a world beyond this one. I am completely certain of it. Therefore, I can’t be an atheist or even an agnostic. I have to, at the minimum, believe that a more powerful and awesome universe of Mind DOES exist beyond this one, and it blows this one away. There ARE beings more powerful than me. And, there is a kind of Love with a capital “L” that abides.

Therefore, I can’t go back to being a material being.

But, if I die, and must be reborn again on this earth, I want to remember everything. I can’t stand the thought of having my memories wiped, even if a lifetime here on earth is nothing compared to Time itself.

The walls I want to tear down aren’t just petty little fears about public speaking and what girls might say to me–that is so much bullshit. I am sorry for myself that I ever got caught up in thinking that the walls that needed to be torn down were mere social ones–and social ones of this particular culture.

The walls are the walls that prevent me from seeing Time outside of time, Self outside of self, Love outside of love, and God outside of the tiny weak gods these people of this time and place hold up as being so important. Donald Trump is a goddamn flea. Hillary is a fucking cockroach.

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