A morning to not make the brain work too hard

A morning to not make the brain work too hard. A morning to sit and love Jesus. All of the things you used to get excited about–mostly in their states of potential–refocus that excitement on getting to have a closer and closer relationship with Jesus. Every door you opened exposed an empty room, once you cast your light upon the room’s darkest corners. Things can be quite lovely, but when you focus all of your energy and effort upon adoring and obtaining them, they lose their luster and you fragment off little pieces of your divine Self, leaving the pieces behind to love and adore empty stuff.

Give Jesus your praise and adoration, but also, love him like a dear friend. Love him like a brother. Imagine the glorious moment when you can experience a deep and abiding love from someone that doesn’t come with strings attached.

Meditate on God’s Love inwardly flowing into your head and heart as a great light, a great energy, a beautiful and true thing. Then, imagine yourself emanating it outward into the world upon others who are curled up on darkness. Remember that this isn’t your love, this isn’t something you created, nor is it something that you can hold onto.

Jesus does have the power to give you the good things that you are asking for, but you have to let him in. Be ready for great things to happen, great changes in the making, and don’t keep your old, greedy self around to clutch at them or clutch at itself as it tries to protect itself from having to change. Jesus is willing an outpouring of abundant love.

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