Tired. Spent some time last night trying to get to sleep. I usually try to be asleep at the same time as the baby, but I was up for a bit. The sleeping medicine–doxalymine succinate, which has up until now proven to be the most effective OTC remedy–is starting to lose its edge, or I am building a tolerance to it. Baby woke up at 5 AM this morning, and so did I. I am trying to give the wife a break, since she is usually with him until he falls asleep, though I do help out with that as well.

I don’t really feel like sleeping. The end of my time of being unemployed with only a kiddo to watch is ending. The kiddo can be a lot of work, mind you, but the mind generally has a break during the babysitting hours. When I do have time to be up and alone with my thoughts, I don’t really want to sleep. However, I don’t see much alternative to sleeping. I am hitting a wall with really having anything at all to say. What else is there to say about someone like Donald Trump that people haven’t been shouting from rooftops? With Hillary, I think things will be as bad or as good as they’ve always been, depending on how you believe things are. With Trump, he could be surprisingly stellar–a Roosevelt or Lincoln. Or, he could prove to live up to what all of his words and deeds have shown him to be thus far–a dangerous man who will destroy the country before he lets some third world leader hurt his feelings on Twitter. Maybe I am just too old to be interested in gambling, but Hillary seems like a safe bet. Safe isn’t fun or revolutionary, but “revolutionary” may lead to your head being lopped just as easily as the next slob’s.

At any rate, I don’t control the outcome of the election. Even if I could convince myself that I could make a difference by registering my opinions more often on my Facebook page, I would lose heart and interest in the effort pretty quickly.

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