Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help me to get through the moments of pure stress. I know that I am not reacting properly, and that I am doing some damage to those around me. I know this after the fact, but when I’m in the moment, I feel myself slipping out of having any control over the situation. This would be an excellent thing, if my lack of control was replaced by You in the driver’s seat, but it rarely is. I need help with this.

Help me to relax when it is time to relax, and not be constantly tensed up with worry about what I should be doing next. I understand that much of this process has to take time.

Please fill my heart with patience. I want love, and mercy, and the willingness to forgive others. Come Lord Jesus, and completely make me into a new man. There is no need for the old me to linger. Even the me of childhood, whom I often held up as a prime example of my core self, is someone who possessed character traits I no longer need to take with me.

I want to be used for your glory, not mine.

I realize that I will never be anyone but me, and it is foolish to do anything more than appreciate the work and words of others and learn from them when I can. But, this is different from trying to emulate other human beings who aren’t Jesus.

Please help me to remember to keep others in your prayer. You and I both know that I hardly have it the worst of anyone I know, and there are many others who need prayers as much or more than I do. Help me to remember to shift in my head and heart from a feeling of antagonism to a feeling of prayer and attempting to understand someone when I start to get upset with others.

Lord, this world needs you right now, more than it ever has. Only you know just how bad things are with men’s hearts, and if things really are that much worse than they used to be. But, it would seem to me that so many are crying out for You, whether they know it or not. Please give me constant reminders that other human beings in the world and in my life need my prayers, not my anger.

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