Monday, August 1

Monday, August 1. The final push to get us ready for the move on Aug 11. Changing addresses, updating records, boring ass adult stuff that nobody who likes to keep their mind up in the clouds wants to consider. Banks, money, insurance, retirement, boo, blah. I am ready to be talking about theodicy and predestination. Original sin and reincarnation. Well, surely there is at least one other person at seminary who is open-minded about the possibility of stuff that would have made Calvin’s blood boil.

It has been the first Monday with A staying at home. L is still in the PDO program, and we spent the day trying to settle up our individual accounts, so it didn’t feel terribly much like everyone was stepping on each other’s toes. However, I can hardly wait until I am in classes. It doesn’t feel quite right to have two parents at home not working or going to school. I will also rest a lot easier when she has work–we aren’t going to be hurting for the better part of the year, but we are now totally running on savings for the time being.

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