Things I continually forget

Things I continually forget:

It is better to love your enemies and pray for them, than to love only those who you know will love you back. Hating your enemies and wishing them violence perpetuates an evil greater than even the one of your enemies.

It is better to praise and thank the Lord for what you have, than to continually wish, yearn and lust for what you don’t have.

It is better to attempt to smile at and befriend everyone you meet than to ignore them and focus only on befriending those who will help you get ahead.

It is better to connect with and help the less fortunate than to seek out the attention of the wealthy and famous, or seek the attention of those who might make you wealthy and famous. You will see true humanity alive in the poor, you will find it sharply muted in the middle class and non-existent in the rich.

Not all of the rich are evil, but almost all of them love their wealth and will strive to keep it at the expense of others’ health and happiness. They will create theologies and scientific and economic theories that validate their wealth. They will not question for one day why they are wealthy, be it from God’s blessing or the good fortune perpetrated by the wicked one. The rich are to be loved and prayed for, but they do not need your empathy or your help or your focus and attention.

You are far from perfect. You have not been enlightened, you are not a few steps away from being a great disciple of Christ–you are but an average, typical human who has yet to step outside of his cultural confines and attempt to be anything better.

The homeless, the physically disabled, the elderly, infants, the mentally ill, all who cannot take care of themselves–these are Jesus’ most cherished people. Then come those who have devoted their lives exclusively to serving the least of these. Then come those who go astray and return. Then come the average religious, who obeyed all the rules and never went astray. Then come the mildly religious, the ones sympathetic to Christianity in theory, those who like the idea of Jesus but aren’t into Christianity. Finally, the rest of us–all of us who have striven to make our idols and God to be mammon, but slowly started to see the light in our later years, yet we never fully return like the prodigal son, but perhaps there is still hope for us, since we aren’t completely lukewarm or completely evil.

Jesus loves those who are broken, and have become humbled enough to let his Light shine through. Jesus isn’t interested in helping those who continually insist upon helping themselves.

There is still time for me to become the man I was meant to be, and raise the family I was meant to raise, and live a happy little quiet life where I don’t do too much harm and try to do a little more good than average. But, the time is almost completely run out, and I can’t afford to keep straying from the path.

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