There is this flow that moves through me

There is this flow that moves through me. I disrupt it when I become too caught up in perfecting my own ego and self separately from God. The true nature of reality is quite dynamic, but it seems to flow like a purposeful stream whose final path I can’t know. Like a hypercube projected onto a 3D cube, so might the image of me (that was created in the image of God) be projected onto my 3D self. In this physical realm, the human form makes the most sense to house this image, but that may not always be the case. However, the way in which our nervous system connects to our images-made-like-God is something only God knows how to perfect. All of the AIs and robots in the world will never be like us, no matter how much the atheist scientist wants to believe they will. Without an understanding of what Life truly is, they will continue to make maps of the small part of Life that they can see, and attempt to form Life from those maps. It’s like if you mapped out a small-scale model of a city in amazing detail, and then declared that you have a city that is every bit as good and functional as the original one.

What is Life? Life is the general case of the Holy Spirit, where Jesus has given us the specific case of the Spirit as the Comforter or Paraclete. Without the Spirit there is no Life at all, either in the heavenly realms or our own. All life as we know it in this universe would cease and as such, the physical universe would be simply dead matter. Life includes the Word of God, the Logos.

I am not sure why I feel the need to speak such high-minded language about things I know so little about. I felt the flow briefly this morning, and got all excited.

What is better, to be full of some kind of religious mania, or to be deeply contemplative and full of silence and awe and reverence for the Almighty? The mania is present in all religions, even if it is only the mainstream in that thread of Christianity I grew up with. Most people probably don’t want to think about God at all when they are getting along just fine without Him throughout the week. Or, to be more accurate, they are getting along just fine with an enormous amount of His help and grace, but they only acknowledge it and cry out for it when they are in church or in great need.

It is a lot easier to get swept up in high-minded thinking than it is to remain sharply focused on your problems and issues at hand.

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