Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please give me the strength to keep myself together when faced with situations that generally cause me anxiety. Guide me during the process of preparing to move to Austin, so that I don’t make choices that run contrary to your will. Please show me when I am being full of my own ego instead of your Spirit. Please help me to radically change for the better. Please take away my pain.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to wake up once more and try to live my life right. I appreciate how you indicate to me when wisdom from another culture is of great value, and when it is to be ignored. Thank you for helping me know the right words to say when I am writing or speaking. Thank you for the gifts of L and A. I appreciate how you have brought a nice, cool rainy season to the area where I live, so that this spring has not felt as unbearable as springs down here sometimes do.

I admit that my will and ego get in the way of everything. My temper flares up because the world doesn’t match my own self’s expectations of what should be perfect. I want so very badly to do more to change the world for the better. I recognize that this must begin with me, that there have been enough righteous crusaders who didn’t bother to change their own selves before they embarked upon changing the world.

Thank you for being there for me and listening to me. Thank you for meeting me where I am, and challenging me gently.

Please continue to open my eyes to help me see where/how I can be radically changed for the better.

In your Son Jesus’ name,

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