Let me sleep a little longer

Let me sleep a little longer. Let me lie here passively receiving my thoughts. Let me read a book just to be entertained. Let me watch mush brain television. Let me get fat eating what I please without exercising.

Let me not care about the state of the world.

People who talk about people living in poverty like to talk statistics and point fingers at politicians. People living in poverty do not have faces or voices, they are a large mass of millions to be tossed about as a political football–they are lazy or they are helpless, etc. Both conservatives and liberals like to talk statistics and ignore faces and voices–unless they want to trot out a single anecdotal example to make a case and pull at someone’s heartstrings.

The statistics set the bar very low. They usually set the global poverty line for severe poverty at around $2 a day. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day.

Someone in the U.S. who makes $15 an hour is among the wealthiest 10% of the world, and yet they might feel like they are barely staying afloat if they have one or more children.

If the large majority of the world–ie, who are those who mostly have similar lifestyles–were given faces and voices–the faces and voices on the television would all be poor.

Nobody looks to the poor for inspiration. We all look at the billionaires and think that if we try a little harder, we can be like them. We don’t want to face the reality that we are all mostly an economic catastrophe away from being like the poor. While we might statistically be closer to the billionaires than the rest of the world, we are all mostly miles away from them and inches away from the poor.
Let me fall into a trance of looking up books and things I will read later when I am really ready to get busy.

Let me lapse into a state of self-feedback, where I don’t have to think about doing anything at all, but sit here and surf the Internet and write a few random thoughts down.

Of course, I have to clean myself up. I am a mess, still, at the age of 40. I do and think things I don’t want to talk about. I get mad about something that happened years ago. I forget to forgive and let go. I have impure thoughts. I lust and anger. I get frustrated that the world hasn’t given me more, and yet I have a lot more than most of the world.

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