God is an amazing God

God is an amazing God. God has given me many opportunities to start over. God has enabled me to keep my physical health after years of abusing it. God has allowed me to continue to have the light of consciousness, reason and intellect. Without God, I am a wretched mess, I am less than a nobody, for I am depraved and caught up in evil.

God is helping me to recover from my years of letting my mind trail off into evil thought patterns. My soul sickness may not be the kinds of sinning that would put me behind bars, but nothing I think, say or do should be something I feel like I can only keep to myself. God is always watching, and I am hurting him and his Son Jesus and the Spirit when I continue to practice abominable sin.

God has made the spring to be mild and temperate, turning on the heat late and filling the earth with rain to make the world green and beautiful. God has given me many mornings to contemplate how wonderful He is, and I have taken a few to actually do this, though I haven’t contemplated how amazing He is enough.

God has provided for me and my family even when I am foolish with my money and irresponsible with how I spend my time. God has opened up doors that should have been closed to me a long time ago.

I struggle to not grow impatient with God. Now that I know what I need to do with my life, I want to get started right away, but I should always keep in mind that things will have to unfold at a careful, measured pace so that I do not burn out or make too many mistakes. I have dallied and screwed around with incorrect thinking and living for decades–waiting a few more months to get started and a few more years to really get started should not be asking much of me at all.

God’s love is so abundant and without end. The places where it seems to end are where I turn my back and return to seeking out happiness through material things and my own foolish will.

God has given me a huge world of ideas, art, music, literature to appreciate. I need to appreciate all of the amazing things that are available to me at little or no cost. This is probably a unique time in history that may not last forever. I shouldn’t become so enamored of human-created things that I turn my back on God and forget to give Him the credit, but I should try to enjoy and appreciate what has been provided for me in the form of good things to absorb. The best art, music, poetry, etc. is no doubt divinely inspired and the worst of it or most chaotic and nihilist forms of it is probably demonically inspired.

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