Empathy, care of others…selflessness

Empathy, care of others…selflessness. Activities are done with an eye to helping others.

Mortality, having a perfect understanding of being mortal vs. what my immortal options are.
Memory, but not solely a focus on memory.

Christ becomes more than a warm and fuzzy childhood friend that some keep (and keep as they knew Him as a child) or deny completely (usually pointing to the hypocrisy of Christians rather than Christ Himself).

Christ as a clear differentiator to help humans become more than simple animalistic machines. Christ in the heart to prevent social improvement programs run amok (like Nazism, Communism). The radical idea of loving and praying for an enemy, forgiving those who mistreat you. It is a true cutting of an otherwise permanently entangled Gordian knot which was itself created by a pure eye-for-eye, tit-for-tat mentality.

A humanistic love, help, desire to spread happiness is how the book starts, but this is only to make the reader feel appreciated and want to read more.

Areas of deep entanglement are explored with compassion but also depth.

Christ is offered as a solution, but it is not the Christ of the most vocal churches or readers’ childhoods. He is a fellow man who can truly know your pain and know how to love you sincerely and without guile.

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