Are we entering unsettling times?

Are we entering unsettling times? The so-called democracies of Greece and Rome lasted no more than around 300 years. We read about how Rome had an era of a democratic republic for 300 years, and fail to recognize how young our own democracy really is. The hard times experienced by Russians in the 20th Century are certainly unimaginable to us. Certainly, we had our own Civil War some sixty years before Russia’s, and we probably killed as many of our own–but, should we congratulate ourselves by thinking that we would never endure such a great time of internal chaos and conflict again? Of course not!

We have all kinds of factions of people who mistrust each other now, and for some crazy reason, the extreme polarization seems to consistently lead people to conclude that they are either better off with a cowboy leader or a cold, professor-type leader.

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