The temptation to go look at the news and see people who appear to be worse off than me

The temptation to go look at the news and see people who appear to be worse off than me is a terrible temptation. I end up feeling better about myself instead of praying for others. I end up feeling miserable about the prospects for my son to have anything close to the kind of life I had–the world starts to look as if it will fall apart at any second.

I am deeply connected to the rest of the planet. There is no denying that I could never completely separate myself from others. As the planet breathes, so do I. As the planet finds itself in a joyous mood, so do I. When the planet weeps, I do, too.

People don’t always seem to understand the degree of empathy I feel. My heart breaks for so many souls who appear to be lost. I don’t just bleed inside for the souls that are clearly victims. Many times, I bleed for the perpetrators as well. After all, they are more lost. A man like Bill Cosby is clearly disturbed beyond any repair that humans could do. Only the Lord could save him. I pray that he and others like him will confess publicly their crimes, do the time here on Earth, and prepare their souls for eternity. Living in denial for what you have done to others isn’t a way to heal.

Healing is the important thing. It’s not so much that you get sick because you sin, it’s because you are sick mentally and spiritually that you are often sick physically as well. Healing one dimension of the sickness doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become completely healed.

I know what it means to be sick in all of these dimensions of mind, body, soul, spirit, etc. I know what it means to find the right Physician–Jesus Christ–and let Him begin to heal. I know what it means to continue to hear voices of demons that scream at me to do terrible things–things that could send my soul to perdition forever. I know what it means to spend a day pleading to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit for help in combating these voices. I know what it means to be victorious in Christ and what it means to let this kind of work slide after the demonic voices seem to go away.

Only Christ can heal broken parts that are beyond the reach of human physicians. No amount of tonics or pills can rectify a soul that has been bombarded with suggestions to participate in evil since childhood.

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