It is or isn’t true.

It is or isn’t true.
It is and isn’t true.
It is true locally, but not true everywhere (in all realms of time, space and mind).
You existed in a different realm prior to this one, and will continue to exist after this one. What form will you take?

Is reincarnation a process of education, or trickery of Satan?

You want to be and become. Could your desire to become be prohibiting your ability to be you at your fullest?

You are either on a path to becoming a better person, or you aren’t.

You are either getting better each day, or you are merely caught up in the notion of the path itself (and spending your life going around in circles).

You may be tainted by the past, but the future can only be built by what you are deciding to do today.

There is so much that is trite about this, but somewhere inside all of it, the real meaning is there. The real meaning lies in what you decide to do or not do, and then how you follow through.

I want to be remembered as being more than just my earthly, fleshly self. My body lived and died during a narrow window of time and space, and surely my paltry collection of memories cannot be all I have to take with me.

I don’t want to remain sitting on a fence forever. If there is one thing being a human in this realm offers you, it is the ability to make a decision once and for all of who you are going to be.

Male vs. female
Gay vs. straight
Material vs. spiritual
Digital vs. analog
Technical vs. literary…you either access your world by manipulating things within the world, or you access it via language, written and oral.
Living in the present vs. living in the past and/or future

When you are of a certain age, it is convenient to never completely decide who you want to be. You might pick a path in order to get people off your back, but in the back of your mind, you do want to keep your options open.

Of course, you are still picking a path–
Sitting on the fence vs. making a clear decision

People will admire you or despise you for every decision you make.

You might find that you become so good at making very clear decisions about what you are going to do next, that you no longer need pills or booze to soften the anxiety surrounding which decisions you make. But, in order for this to completely be realized, you have to also become very good at revisiting each day with a clear head of taking personal responsibility.

You can’t complain about your lot in life once you make the decision to make clear decisions.

You didn’t finish a project or book because you decided to walk away from it. Nobody and nothing else can become your scapegoat.

If you begin to see yourself as a very clear decision-maker, then you will stop making yourself too big or too small in your head.

You are living where you are, as healthy as you are, as wealthy as you are, and as well-known and well-loved as you are because of choices you made. You made choices to bury your head in the sand when you were in your twenties, and keep placing the blame on parents, teachers and fellow students who prevented you from succeeding.

You will die one day and be shocked to realize that you even helped decide what kind of family and part of the world and time period you would be born into. You decided which gender you would possess. The fact that you changed your mind upon entering this reality–and in all likelihood sought to go back to being the gender you were in the previous life–is immaterial. You will die and become overwhelmed with grief and shock over all the times in your past life you failed to make decisions that would have supported your original goals you created with your spirit guides prior to being born.

You are making a choice not to believe any of this–calling it nonsense. You are stating that who you are is only God’s will, or only random–but, you are vigorously defending a belief system you chose to adopt upon entering this realm.

But, enough of the more cosmic conceptualization of free choice.

Whether you believe that or not isn’t important right now.

What is important is whether or not you will start making future choices from this point forward that are clearly thought out, and take 100% ownership of them without pausing to blame someone or something else in your life.

You can become somebody different, or remain who you are. You can worship God or not. You can lose your temper over a minor slight or misunderstanding, or not.

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