2015 – I spent half of the year working for IS

2015 – I spent half of the year working for IS. I was a time bomb, waiting to explode. I was sick and tired of feeling like I’d been screwed over by seeing less qualified people promoted over me, going back to MCE. Yes, I knew the way the world works–cronyism, nepotism and the like–but I didn’t want to come to terms with it. I didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that the best I was ever going to do in the corporate world was push the buttons of marketing automation software, occasionally being involved with a technical project that was way over my head, though I would never admit it. Managing others and kissing the butts of bigger bosses was never going to be my thing.
I spent the second half of the year as a stay-at-home dad, watching my son L go from being barely able to pull himself up to running around the house getting into everything. This was far more rewarding, and far more challenging than operating marketing automation software or managing the unmotivated.
I built then burned a lot of bridges that might have proven valuable to me here in Waco, were I the kind of person that likes to play it safe. I decided that God really does want me to become a pastor, even though the calling has seemed very distant in times past. That was mostly due to me actively turning my back on God and pursuing my own fleshly and worldly desires.
I traveled to Anaheim for business and Charleston for fun, and that was it. The money ran out–most of it went to paying off the new Babymobile and going out to eat and drink too often.
I dealt with the endless headache that the condo has been, with lazy property managers, terrible tenants, and an evil HOA board. There is a short story there somewhere, somehow, but I don’t really feel like revisiting it.

2014 — I worked at IS until ST had pissed me off enough, and quit to go freelance but then an opportunity at K opened up. This was a real pain in the ass place to work, and the fact that I almost died on an icy I-35 on what was supposed to be my first day should have served as an excellent sign that this place was never going to work out. After SC left, there was little interest in hearing what I had to say about what marketing and sales should and shouldn’t do. Knowing what I know now, I probably never should have even bothered doing anything other than happily and meekly submitting to the management and pushing one button after another while someone else had all of the creative ideas. But, I was still full of ego and pride and the dream of a real career, and I quit–not as abruptly as I would in 2015 from IS, but pretty darn close. What I’d learned from MCE and the UW, was “don’t stick around any longer than you care to,” no matter how much someone’s feelings might get hurt. I consider my time at those two places to have been a rather fair amount of wasted time, with little to show for it.
L was born, and I took three months off that almost corresponded with A’s maternity leave. These were somewhat helpful months, but I probably squandered them to a fair degree. Then RS talked me into coming back to IS, and so I did in November.
We visited Charleston and Galveston this year.

2013 — I left MZ and the nightmare that place had become– almost nobody appreciated the work I was doing, and most people seemed to be passive aggressively antagonistic toward me– bought a house here in Waco with the idea that we would be up here for some time to come. I didn’t have IS lined up when I started to put this transition into place, but I started there soon after leaving MZ and buying our house here.

We visited San Francisco, and I also went to Vegas for HR Tech.

2012 — We moved up to Waco after A took a job up here. I left C/B right after a conference in SF. This was a stupid decision, and the moment I met some of the douches that worked at MZ, I knew I was going to hate it.

We visited Rome, and I went to SF and Orlando for work.

2011 — Was working for C at the start of the year. Proposed to A over this New Year’s. We were married in November, and honeymooned in Mexico.

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