These are mentioned so often by those self-help gurus

These are mentioned so often by those self-help gurus, and yet they are extremely difficult to put into practice such that they become regular habits.

Being thankful for what you have vs. complaining about what you don’t have.
Praying for, or being mindful of, others’ health, safety, success and salvation first before your own.
Seeking out stories of the less fortunate and praying for them instead of secretly congratulating yourself for not being one of the less fortunate when you passively come across their stories.
Proactively participating in life instead of letting it happen to you — getting involved in your community instead of waiting for someone to ask you to participate.
Asking for the Lord’s help to abstain from sinful thoughts, words and deeds instead of waiting until you’ve done them and need to ask for forgiveness.
Assuming others have little or no kinds of intentions toward you when they interact with you, instead of always hoping for their best intentions while expecting/assuming their worst intentions.
Trust the Lord to provide for you and show you the way in life before defaulting into solely trusting in yourself. If you have faith in a higher power or even the greater common good of humanity, why not use this faith to its fullest instead of only relying on it during special circumstances?
Praying for Christ to appear in the lives of those who do evil or at least rationalize actions that aren’t what Jesus taught, as well as to appear in the lives of unbelievers–this means just about everyone but most often comes to you as others who don’t agree completely with your politics. The kneejerk reaction is often to wish them harm or to “get what they deserve” which inevitably means you are praying that you, too, get what you deserve instead of the overflowing bounty of God’s mercy and love.

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