Pure heart love.

A debate about why the symbol of the cross has persisted.
He will persist in his insistence that there is no God or gods, and you will increasingly return to your Christian roots, your primal Christian beginnings before Christ became a slogan on t-shirts and bumper stickers, and people mindlessly spouted faith statements they only put into practice for fifty minutes each week.

But, indeed, why has the cross persisted as a potent symbol?
At the time, you said it seemed to be somewhat like the shape of a man, and he snorted in disgust at such a notion.
If it were a symbol like a human being, wouldn’t it look more like a star or pentagram?

But now you see how Pure Heart Love works and why Love tainted by sexual urges becomes demonic when it isn’t ordered by marriage.

You see that the symbol of the cross is like a person standing with arms outstretched, but feet together. This indicates the openness of the individual to give and receive the Pure Heart Love, whose wisdom includes the intellect of the brain, but the brain doesn’t overpower the heart.

The feet together indicate that the love and desire of the sex is muted, ordered and controlled. For those who have taken vows of celibacy and Christ, it is non-existent. For those who have taken vows of marriage, it is rightly focused on a single partner and not splayed out wantonly.

Man-as-pentagram or star indicates a human whose intellect is partly driven and pulled about by the sex, but is still also open to giving and receiving some heart love.

Man-as-triangle or pyramid indicates a human who has become completely disconnected from any Pure Heart Love spirituality, and operates in spheres of intellect and sex alone. This is the will of the Illuminati, to ultimately convert us all to being solely in this state or condition, and of course, we at the bottom of the pyramid are much more driven by our lust than by our intellects.

Those who operate solely in the sphere of the I or i are completely divorced from the Pure Heart Love and lust. They might think they are immune to the Satanic ways of the Illuminati, but they are only temporarily disconnected as islands unto themselves. They will eventually find themselves being held accountable for their willful misdirection away from the heart love and the Pure Heart Love will be unable to act as a bulwark when the all-pervasive Illuminati consciousness temporarily rules this earthly sphere.

Christ is the only perfect human embodiment of the Pure Heart Love, and as such, his primary symbol is the cross. Because he took on the sins of all mankind while cast in the symbol of Pure Heart Love, Christ-on-the-cross is always the best symbol to return to when lost or adrift in this reality or any other. In fact, it should be proactively sought, rather than reactively sought in times of distress and oppression.

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