The missing ingredient is Love.

No amount of goodwill enacted toward changing for the better can realize its goal without Love.

The reason I am still wrestling with the same problems of Self as I was ten or more years ago is because I am forgetting about Love.

When I remember to consider Love, I usually end up thinking about some kind of love with a lower case “l”, for better or worse.

I can’t directly know what Love is, because God = Love. I shouldn’t try to define what it is and then go after that poor definition, but I can take Love out of the abstract by actively seeking it at all times, and placing it at the center of whatever it is I am doing, saying or thinking.

I can indirectly access true Love the same way that I can listen to my conscience. I don’t have to have a rigorous definition or highly realized visualization of what these words mean to make them work for me, because I am one of God’s creatures, and my intent is enough for now.

I have to create a habit of keeping Love in the picture, no matter what I am doing. I become a soulless automaton if I start my day trying to pray, read books, write, or anything else without Love.

I have to assume that each creature of God’s has had a glimpse of Love that I have not — a glimpse that nobody else has had but them. That is what makes each creature of God’s valuable and what makes those creatures who have completely severed ties with God so worthless.

I am not the one to say who has severed with God completely and who has not. I am a relatively hardcore sinner who is blinded by the mote in his own eye.

I can, however, make it top priority to avoid those who appear to me to be on paths running in the opposite direction of Love as fast as they can go.

**An important thing that I keep forgetting: I must also learn to accept Love as much as I would like to share what little I have with others. If I am not open to receiving Love, then what little I have left will eventually dry up completely or be used up by others.

Running away from God’s will has been the story of my life. But, even more compelling and worth examining is that under this main plot of running from God’s will is the story of running away from God’s Love.

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