Today is the first Saturday

Today is the first Saturday after my wife returned to work, and baby started daycare. I’ve returned to work full-time, and it has been only my second full week. I returned to an employer in my small Texas town who has been about the most bass-ackwards employer I’ve ever worked for. This employer purchased a software company, and genuinely believes they can make money off of it.

The really horrible bosses have all been kicked out. Their smoke and mirrors act finally collapsed around them as they could no longer power forward on simply their charisma. The product, as they took it from the original developers, has probably been made worse during the time they had their hands on it. They engaged an outside development firm and bled cash for two years as the firm happily took their money to deliver shoddy code.

I returned to mentor others with what I’ve learned working at a handful of corporate and non-profit employers in Austin. I also returned to store up enough savings that will hopefully allow me to stop working full time for at least two years and … I was interrupted.

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