If I thought my thoughts had power.

If I thought that my thoughts had any power to transform the world, what would I think about all the time? Would I continue to let little obsessions get the better of me?

What if it was revealed that each of us holds an infinite amount of power, by way of channeling some kind of mental/emotional energy, and that the powers-that-be know this, and use media imagery to keep us pacified? If each of us stopped watching any and all television, and stopped obsessing over the outcomes of sporting and political matches, and started focusing all of our attention on the power that we hold inside of us.

It all would have to begin with the basic act of truly believing it to be so. You don’t believe that you hold that kind of power. That is nonsense meant for the youth, who can still believe they might end up like Harry Potter in the near future. But, you don’t believe you hold that kind of power because you never took the time to fully and completely believe that you do.

It would have to begin with each of us accepting that we can hold infinite power as individuals, and that by infinite, we mean infinite-seeming to a being who exists on a 3Dspace+1Dtime plane. That by accepting our power, we won’t trample on each other, for most of us are innately good-hearted, and we wouldn’t want our power to hurt an innocent being. And by accepting our power, we won’t be trampling on the territory of God and Jesus, who you might think would take offense at our acceptance and assertion of individual power.

But, as the rationale goes, if we can only access it by believing in it, and it is clearly extant once we access it, then why wouldn’t God want us accessing it? Is it only the domain of Lucifer? Are we to be so incredibly docile and meek that we must hide our lights under a bushel?

There is light and then there is light, and sometimes in a reading of the Bible the light of the love of the Lord and the light of Lucifer don’t seem that much different. But the light of the love of the Lord carries with it the pure Heart Love, that is absent from Lucifer’s light. So, if you want to accept your power, and express it, be sure to be in complete touch with your heart as well as your head, or you might find yourself among those who gain the world but lose their souls.

At any rate, I can’t help but wonder if all my thoughts do have power, and the results of my blasts of love or hate have had effects unseen, but were every bit as impactful for good or evil as me walking next door to my neighbor with a loaf of bread or a stick of dynamite in my hand.

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