…inside a safe, comfortable American chain restaurant.

You’ve stripped away your imagination, preconceived notions, and assumptions about reality. Now, it’s just you and her and the world. But, the feelings are still there. It’s a collection of awarenesses, really. You are aware of some type of energy pollution coming off of the diners across from you. These are young college students, pretty people who are pleased with themselves and having a good laugh at the expense of the uglier world that surrounds them.

The vibes you get from them come automatically, as do the vibes from a room full of people competing for attention with their ideas. Your boss, an avowed atheist, plays these energies like a maestro. Lots of people who call themselves atheists do, which is weird–to be someone who demands utter physical evidence, independently verified in three studies with a double-blind process–and then to be so adept at manipulating all these things about others that remain unseen by science and scoffed at by skeptics.

Perhaps many atheists are actually beings from higher realms or humans who have accessed the higher planes of existence–and they use their small-minded atheism as a front to keep the rest of us in the dark.

But, whatever. You can’t deny your magic superpowers any longer. You must explore just what this is that you perceive so easily from others–this undefinable stuff New Agey types apply wholesale as “energy.” For, you can quickly come to feel whether you like someone or not, and you have to really rationalize and force the friendship for folks you don’t feel any positive connection.

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