I got my first NSFs in a long time, and there were several of them

I got my first NSFs in a long time, and there were several of them. This came from spending like I did in the days of D—dating again has got to see me get things under control a little bit. I can’t be asking her to always go do stuff with me that costs money. This also happened because I got reamed by extra car repairs during my week of closing on the new condo, and then the money I had to bring to the close was about a thousand dollars more than S had originally told me it would be. Then, I discovered that appliances cost more than they did in the year 2000, so another chunk of cash just to buy a fridge that isn’t even here yet.

Meanwhile, I completed what is probably going to be my last major project at UW, and am freaking out a little bit now that I’m starting to move into thumb-twiddling territory. With a new guy in the Marketing department, I can’t stay nearly as busy, and it’s probably going to shake out eventually just how much free time I really do have on my hands. I have got to be in a better paying job by November at the latest, anyway, because the new house payments are going to kill me otherwise.

I’m meeting A’s parents tomorrow. Weird, that we’ve only dated for a few weeks, and it already feels like time to start planning the wedding. I am pretty close to positive that she is the one. There are zero bad vibes or doubts arising in me when I’m around her. I don’t reserve a space inside myself for retreat or aching desire to just bolt for the door and never look back. A is proving herself to be more interesting and funny every time I talk to her, and I haven’t had any dark moments where I suddenly find myself wondering if I’m speaking to someone from another planet.

Then, you have my latest quest, to learn Spanish, even as my flirtation with the stock market appears to be drying up as the Dow has dropped a thousand points from that cautiously optimistic review of it that started early last April. Whatever money I have left from the tax credit will go into a savings account at a local credit union, and I believe I will cut all ties to Chase, except for the lousy credit card.

Right now, life is tossing these hints at me that maybe the future will be completely wonderful, or maybe everything will fall apart, and I’ll find myself in another black hole. But, most of the hints are good, because I’ve stopped worrying about trying to keep up with others who are more successful than me in some area of life.

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