This moment of me sitting here

This moment of me sitting here, with almost all ties to S place, old friends, old life finally cut. A moment I’ve begged God for since Mom died and I arrived at UW. A moment I sought in all the eyes of single ladies in the workplace, even as it scared them away.

I only kept the old things that I absolutely needed. I no longer prostrate myself at the altar of the past.

My Dad and new girlfriend A are coming over soon to have lunch with me in my new place.

Everything is new, and this is just the beginning. In another two months, I’ll have cut the ties to the S place for good, thank God. The final lingering ghosts will be bleached away, and whatever it is I embrace next will be completely new. New friends coming soon at the church I’m going to make my home. A new relationship that’s just beginning.

And, because I know fully well now that God is nothing but good, a new job with new life for the day is right around the corner. Maybe for a few years, anyway, I can share joy instead of sorrow with everyone I know and love.

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