how do i work?

how do i work?
all things must be kept in balance, to achieve the closest thing to happiness in the work environment.

intense multi-tasking must be balanced with intense focus on one project.
intense ideation and strategizing must be balanced with intense application of ideas and tactical maneuvers.
code with graphic layout
mouseful work with keyboardful work
computer with people
stationary with movement
independent work with teamwork or 1X1 collaboration
stress and deadlines with downtime to train, think, clean up, rebuild

when all these things are working in harmony with each other, high productivity occurs. when a supervisor demands large amounts of research and reporting and there is little practical work to be done, it begins to feel like no work is getting done at all. on the other hand, when a supervisor and others are demanding a high amount of practical and even menial work without seeking my expert opinion on anything, it begins to feel like i’m the lowliest intern.

how do i think?
lots of reaching for ideas others overlook. lots of attempts to help others realize their ideas. a tendency to match those around me in terms of pace of discussion, mood or energy of group or other, and strong willfulness to help and serve until i’m clearly being used and not treated as an equal, integral part of the group.

which individuals do i enjoy talking to the most? the least?
a select group of people seem to fall into two categories here: great to work with, hateful to be friends with — then, vice versa.

then there are the vast majority who are not really great to talk to professionally or personally. they operate on wavelengths that are at all obtuse angles to mine. they are dismissive of my creativity, ultra-elitist toward the way i appear to interface with culture, or just plain interested in things that i am not. many are not intellectually curious, most are overly materialistic, and almost everyone i don’t get along with have values vastly different than mine.

people i enjoy talking to can seem very slow to the fast-paced overeducated–but, they are enjoyable because it is readily apparent they possess a deep and rich wisdom and appreciation of life and people that goes beyond merely possessing a lot of knowledge or a clever brain.

most people seem to come across as thinking they are too good for me in one or more ways–or, they are just plain apathetic to me. which is okay, because i likely appear to be the same way to various others.

what do i like about computer interfaces? hate?

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