death, of course. how it happens to everyone

death, of course. how it happens to everyone. how everyone seems to think so little of it, until they are faced with the utter certainty of it, either for them or a loved one. how you could die and discover that God was displeased with everything you did. how you could die and just be dead, as the atheists would like to believe.

how atheists seem to spring up inside a bubble that is mostly free of death, like the times we live in.

how some days, it’s easy to forget about God and be an honorary atheist yourself, until you remember that you will die someday.

how movies make you feel invincible, because you put yourself inside the shoes of the action hero, naturally, and he doesn’t die after defying death a hundred times.

how quickly people forget about their loved ones that died before them, and how quickly other people forget that you were grieving a month ago.

it’s like we’re programmed to fool ourselves into thinking we’re immortal, and avoid members of the species who would fail to help us fool ourselves.

it goes beyond mates choosing each other out of some genetic programming for reproductive fitness. it gets into man-made programming to make the population perpetuate its slavery. i mean, would you spend your time the way you do if you knew you’d be dead tomorrow?

what would our world look like, if each individual fully realized and constantly kept conscious the fact that he or she could die at any time, and that all legacies left behind return to blackness within a few generations?

then, the usual time travel ideas. imagining being able to travel along a corridor of time that is essentially my lifeline, whatever i choose to do with it. i can go back and forth like slaughterhouse five within my own self, alter history as much as i’m capable of by myself, and when i travel back to the age i was when i left, my world may be changed, but i am still allowed to be me. (as opposed to, say, traveling back in time, altering a timeline to the point that it deviates, and the “me” that traveled is now a nobody, a lost soul no longer connected to the self from which he came.)

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